My body in balance

I did start going to Majbrith ca.1 year ago.

The first reason was infertility. Me and my husband was trying to get pregnent for a months without a positiv results. At that time I experiencet very often headake,strong menstrual cramps, stomach pain, nasea and dizziness. I was also stressed from work and long driving to get to work.There was one more thing which I was not ready to speak about at that time.

As I start going to Majbrith I feel very welcome. I start to be more open and as time goes I feel more confident to speak about the things they was sitting in me. After couple of visits at Majbtith I can already see the good results. The menstruation cramps, headake, stomach pain goes slovly away. I get more energy to do my everyday tasks.

The treatment I got at Majbrith was akupunktur, reflexology and homeopathy and of course good conversation.

She help me get my body and mind in the balance. Now we are in treatmen for infertile couples. Thanks to Majbrith I feel my mind akcept it and my body is ready. We are hoping that our long journey will have happy end :)

Tak Majbrith